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Xion Prime
This is your brain on drugs.
Why am I employment anathema? There are plenty of opportunities, so what the hell?

Took the plunge and actually applied for a graphic design job today. The idea makes me nervous... my confidence there has been kind of toppled and I honestly don't know what I'll do if I actually land the job. Cry in a corner somewhere? Also applied for a book job and a retail job. You know it's sad when I'd rather work in a dollar store than do what I was actually trained to do, but there you have it.

Excuse me while I go wallow in self pity. I have a living room to clean.
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I feel like I was taken out of the loop prematurely and I'm missing the climax of the story. This drives me nuts.
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between job hunting et al, I find myself enjoying a hobby I haven't played with in a long time: Writing.

And of all things, I'm writing the still as of yet named SMC (again...) and it's turning out well (!!?) and this means I went back and wrote mark II again and oh my god. Oh...oh my god. OMG.

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Someone put my blanket on my Cintiq last night. This morning, it was like it had been in the dryer. Glorious.

and beyond that, you guys should donate to me:


Work's doing a big pledge drive for Prostate cancer research. It's mostly the guys, but eh, cancer sucks and I can support this. So if you have a bit of spare change laying in a paypal account or something, dump it on here!
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Finally got the final word about my car loan application: All systems go! The only problem that they found was my net worth sucks (that's what I get for not owning anything) but my income, which they can verify, made up for that (and I opened a savings account. about time, huh?) so I get the full amount roughly (unfortunately, the car I'm looking at wasn't in their black book yet, so we had to input a rough amount)

so I'm sighing in relief at that stress being gone. Now the only thing will be to see if the car dealerships can give me a better rate than the bank, some haggling (left up to me and not my dad... he's too nice) and I'm on the road.

Oh thank you thank you thank you. and take THAT January/Febuary 2008 not being able to afford student loan payments (or food.)!!!!!!!11!!!
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Erin is extrapolating in the background, and since I've heard the story before I announced 'I'M BLOGGING THIS, GUYS' and spun around in my chair.

I am an illustrator and designer by trade. I've worked in this industry for two and a half years now (!!) and a year ago I was hired on by a little online game with subscribers in the millions that just happens to be owned by a company that's mascot is a mouse with a weird high pitched voice.

Normally, while I occasionally get reminders (I have a shiny name tag that Is stuck to my second monitor with said mascot on it... it's all official-like. And my get into Disneyland free card.) it isn't that big of a deal. I'm still in Kelowna, Canada. I'm going to work with people I went to college with. Generally, it's a super fun happy time, but with little reminder of who my actual employer is.

For quite a long time, the Art Team manager had been digging to get someone up from the company to talk to us or give a lecture or something. We never really heard a lot about it, until he came through and managed to get Andreas Deja to give us a day of presentation and Q&A

Andreas Frikkin' Deja

This is the lead animator on King Triton, Gaston, Jafar, Scar, Hercules, and Lilo... with numerous other things to his name. One of the big guys in Disney animation.

So a few things while i'm freaking out: A) I learned more in four hours than four semesters at CATO. B) I am inspired like nothing else. and C) I have seen an entire musical number from Princess and the Frog. It's going to be AWESOME.

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New order came in... bottles are being distributed stealthily. IE: placed carefully on Carmen's coffee table.
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Only one bottle left, but of the ones I can reorder the Alpineglow and the Cranberry stay my favourites.

We tried The Mead of Inspiration tonight. Very complex flavor, and Clara and Marianne determined it would be nice chilled. It's missing the spiciness that drew everyone to the Alpineglow in the first place, kind of a mix between it and the Olde Mead (It also had a bit of a floral taste.) I wouldn't be adverse to drinking it again (in fact, I find myself taking a b---

---reak to go into the kitchen and pour myself another glass...^_-)

Despite the fact that we still have the Cyser to imbibe, I'll be placing an order with more Alpineglow and Cranberry. (the cyser is sold out, and ergo isn't a reordering option.) I want a bottle here for when my mom and sister are in town at the beginning of august.

Oh right. and you too, Emily. I guess you can have some.

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whenever we play DnD, the DM lets us make a 'special request'... something to help customise our characters, generally for RP purposes (though we'll often default to stat boosts and weapon proficiencies if we're feeling really uncreative.)

normally I can think of interesting ones (A reputation in regards to crafting, past life memories, etc...) but I got kind of stuck when Emree mentioned she couldn't think of one for an upcoming session.

well, I thought they were genius, at least...Collapse )

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Just to keep up with the tastings:


Last night we sampled Wild Harvest, which is definitely a desert wine. Very sweet, and not at all to my taste... but both Carmen and Ryan enjoyed it a lot. Got indifferent sipping from Clara, but she worked away at a brandy snifter for a while. Has a bit of an alcoholic fruit syrup flavour, which I might appreciate if I was eating something like vanilla ice cream at the time.

We only have two bottles left to try now, The Cyser (An apple mead, apparently Dry, so it will probably be the most Wine-Like of the bunch) and the 'Mead of Inspiration' (off dry) which contains organically grown and/or wild-crafted salal berries, elderberries, blackberries, oregon grapes, rosehips, arbutus berries, black and red currants, cherries and grapes, as well as herbs and botanicals too numerous to mention As well as a wicked quote by Odin on the bottle.

And then it's time for me to convince someone to go in on another order with me. 8D I wouldn't mind picking up a couple more of the cranberry (I still have another bottle of the Alpenglow sitting on top of my fridge... waiting to pounce...)

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